Coordial Invitation

We invite you to 30th National Conference on Mind-Body Medicine, a special Conference in our Academy Complex at Mount Abu to be held from 1st to 4th August, 2014. The conference will help you to nourish yourself and to share and expand our collective understanding of the integration of spirituality in healthcare.

It is clear that chronic illness is overtaking our healthcare system. The cost of these trends is challenging our fiscal viability, economic vitality and perhaps even our way of life. Unhealthy lifestyle choices, poor role modelling and high levels of unmanaged stress drive most of these problems.

Enormity of these changes results in tremendous stress on medical professionals too. As healthcare professionals, we need to embrace better methods to understand and address these problems. The current approach in treating these issues has found no real success in altering these alarming trends. Mind-Body Medicine offers innovative solutions. Education about proper nutrition, stress reduction techniques, and improved awareness of self, the Supreme and time cycle can form the foundation of a healthier lifestyle.

This unique conference will provide you with a new insight to improve the quality of personal life, to generate ideas to bring peace, happiness and solace into your life, the tools to understand and address these difficult scenarios.  You will have ample opportunities to experience the power of deep silence and to awaken your inner powers lying dormant in each one of us. Natural scenic beauty of the valley and surrounding green hills offer serene and spiritually charged atmosphere. Our complexes in Mount Abu and Abu Road provide ideal locations for such an experience.

We believe that your presence will make a significant contribution to this unusual conference that offer a possibility of personal transformation and an invigorating exploration of integrating spirituality in healthcare.